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Real Estate Services
Real estate investment and property management is not a "one-size-fits-all" service. Appleton manages many different types of properties ranging from $40,000 single family homes to $7,000,000 apartment buildings. Regardless of capital expenditure or number of properties, the relationships we earn with our clients are the real assets of the company.
Whether it's a single rental home or a commercial big box, we take pride in helping each client achieve his or her goals as an investor.
Property Management

For a percentage of the rent, we manage your investment property. By only getting paid when the investor makes a profit, our interests are always aligned. Our management company handles all aspects of management and can tailor a plan and fee structure that fits your type of property.

Market Trends Analysis

One constant in the investment business is the rule that "all markets change." Markets and rent adjust over time and we make sure you are continually informed, thus allowing you to capitalize on that change. 

Investment Brokering

Whether you are considering purchasing your first rent house or 1031 reverse exchanging into 50 complexes, we can help. Appleton is a real estate brokerage company with seasoned experience in a wide variety of real estate investments. Our management service is separate from our brokerage, allowing clients to choose the best plan to fit their needs. 

Leasing and Contract Management

Appleton Investments knows contracts. We work closely with attorneys and court-tested leasing agreements ranging from triple-net leases to traditional residential rental agreements. We fully understand lease-ups, renewals, and enforcement utilizing the local court systems. 

Payment Services

Tenants can conveniently stop by or mail payments to our office. However, Appleton is experienced in online payment, bank drafts, credit card processing, and multi-payment plans. We make it convient for our lessees to pay on time, without interruption. 

Maintenance Consulting

Investors have grown to rely on our knowledge of construction and the return it has on investment. Whether your property needs major renovation, or you need a prevenative maintenance plan to help you reduce your CapEx expenditures, Appleton can make it happen. 

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