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McComb Housing Infill - A Pilot Program by Appleton Investments.

403 South Magnolia Street McComb, MS 39648


The McComb Housing Infill Program

-Stopping our City's Eroding Tax Base

Analysis of the City of McComb has revealed a growing trend of declining neighborhood values and lack of development inside the city limits. If the current trend continues without interference, all future development will locate outside the city, thus eroding its already fragile tax base. Base-level city services and utilities such as roads, water, police, and fire protection will continue to decline, eventually becoming inadequate to cover its citizens.

When the declining portion of a neighborhood reaches its critical mass, an infill program can be implemented to recycle properties that are vacant, non productive, and abandoned, thus improving the overall values of the neighborhood. Not only can these properties be recycled, but transitional properties can then be renovated due to the uplift in neighborhood property values.  The infill proposal addresses why manufactured housing is the ​only​ viable option in the identified declining neighborhoods.​ 

Please call us with your thoughts about the program. We would love to hear YOUR input from citizens living in the area.
(601) 324-4048
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