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Developments and Re-Developments
At Appleton Investments, we understand the balance of income and expenses while still being good stewards to our community. While we prefer new developments, our company sometimes gets creative and brings older developments back to life. Not only are these "Re-Developments" good assets, they make a positive impact to local communities. By improving neighborhood values, we are able to combat eroding tax base for municipalities, affording them to better serve the people they represent. 
Fountainbleau Apartments

Fountainbleau Apartments was acquired in the spring of 2016. It is a 110-unit apartement complex adjoining The University of Southern Mississippi. Fountainbleau is receiving a facelift by being transistioned into a gated community, with new landscaping and interior renovations to each apartment. 

Depot Plaza

The Depot Plaza was acquired in order to revitalize a once-abandoned shopping center near downtown McComb, MS. After a new storefront, roof, and parking lot, the 40,000-square-foot Depot Plaza is now leasing!

South Magnolia (McComb Infill)

South Magnolia was undertaken as part of a larger McComb Infill Project to combat an eroding tax base in McComb, MS. It was constructed as an example of housing proposed for the McComb city limits in areas where housing conditions are substandard.

Honeysuckle Community

Honeysuckle Woods was purchased in January of 2016. It consists of 31 blighted properties in a private subdivision. Since the acquisition, all the homes have been fully renovated, and are currently leased. 

Scott Street Development

Scott Street was brokered by Appleton to a management client with the plan of total renovation of 11 homes, all located adjacent to each other. This renovation project is ongoing and has revitalized a small neighborhood in the process. Increased home values and happy tenants are a great side effect of the project. 

Harlan Ford Motor Assembly Plant

The Harlan Ford Motor Assembly Plant was purchased in 2013 in McComb, MS. The Ford buliding consisted of 14,000 square feet of abandoned warehouse space in downtown McComb. The buliding was acquired by Appleton and has been renovated into its corporate headquarters.

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