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Appleton Investments
Why we started Appleton Investments

Real Estate, the family business......

Brothers Neel and Greg Gibson grew up in the business of real estate as both licensed real estate appraisers and salesman with United Country-Gibson Realty. 

In 2007 Neel and Greg left Gibson Realty to form a private equity company focused on acquiring real estate investments. Over the years their real estate holdings grew, and a need for a real estate management company became apparent. We began to realize that not only do we need a management company to help with our investments, others do as well ~Neel Gibson

Starting in 2014, Neel and Greg Gibson officially formed Appleton Investments and Property Management. Appleton's management portfolio of rental property has grown to over 300+ property management contracts.

If you are thinking of investing in our community, or would like Appleton to manage your current rental property investments, give us a call today.

At Appleton Investments, we understand the balance of income and expenses while still being good stewards to our community. Let us show you how to make an excellent return on your money LOCALLY, building weatlh for you and your community.

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